Friday, April 15, 2011

Let The Good Times Roll...

I feel great!

I just wanted to get that out of the way, because there's more. Much more.

Last night, all hell broke loose around here.  At least it seemed that way, as I was nursing The Bosun (14) who was wailing so persistently with an earache that I thought I might well have to take him to the hospital, as he had tearfully requested. I threw every remedy in the book at him, and then finally gave him some very  strong painkiller so we could all sleep.

Or so I thought. Because at 1 am The Captain started vomiting. He purged all night long, getting up basically each time I had fallen back to sleep. I suppose he got Blondina's bug, though he rarely gets sick. When he does, though, watch out! Because he embraces it with the same gusto that he eats, plays, whatever. He is a passionate man. I love him for it, you know, in sickness and in health.

The most disconcerting thing was that every time he was hanging over the commode I became suddenly ravenous. So sue me! I am not one of those people who gets queasy from blood, retching, gross photos or talk. I couldn't be a midwife, or a mom of many for that matter, if I was one of those. I can talk about placentas at the dinner table, oblivious to the blanched faces, and I can analyze poop as necessary. And Intro is making my body beg for food, like a baby that digests mama milk and needs more a couple of hours later.

So he'd get up and go to the head for another round. I'd wait a decent amount of time, then slip into the galley (kitchen) quietly, dip a mug into the waiting tongue broth, drink up, and head back to bed. When he returned, I murmured appropriate consoling words, snuggled up and went back to sleep. We repeated this several times. Finally, him empty and me almost full, we fell back to sleep.

Today was the first day during Intro I slept in. Some of you might argue that what I did couldn't be the same as truly sleeping late, and you might be right, but my temperature was way higher than yesterday's, so my body was evidently satisfied.

I think I will escape the Sick Boat for a few hours. Go do laundry. Yeah, it's a chore, but I'll be by myself, with time to contemplate. I'll take a thermos of tongue soup (which came out amazingly) and take it slow.

How about you? How is it going for you? Is your Spring Cleaning going well or did you have it foisted upon you, as did The Captain? How can I support you?

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