Monday, September 7, 2009

A True Story

As usual, I have so many posts to write and so little time. Actually, because I am sort of on vacation, getting a daughter off to college, I have a bit of space for writing and hope maybe to get caught up on some things I have wanted to share with you. I will start with a lovely letter that I received just before our move in the Spring, from a mom who had attended some of my talks (she has given me her permission to print this). Maybe it's a bit immodest to put this out there, but I feel that she speaks to several issues that are so vital for us all.

"Hi Justine,

I have attended two recent talks that you presented that were set up by Linda. I am writing to thank you and let you know what a fantastic change my family has undergone since we have started implementing our new eating habits. I have a four year old daughter who has been very difficult for the past two and a half years. Everything was a melt down, she was rude to other children at times, rude to adults, difficult to please, whining a lot, would hardly eat and was picky but in a bizarre oppositional way, something she liked yesterday she wouldn't want today, etc. Her favorite foods have always been eggs and butter, but when I took her to have bloodwork done a few years ago the pediatrician told me that her cholesterol was high and that I needed to cut back on the eggs and butter, so, not knowing any better I did. Since I saw your presentation we went back to eating eggs and butter every day (and enjoying it very much). I have observed a complete transformation in my daughters attitude toward things and general behavior as well as appearance. She is MUCH more easy going, she is a pleasure to be around again, she doesn't complain anymore, she is getting along well with children her own age, saying hello to everyone and helping around the house. It is absolutely amazing! Besides the change in behavior I have also noticed that she is eating a much more varied diet and larger quantities and she looks much healthier now. A change in my daughters behavior was the last thing I was expecting to happen when we implemented these new eating habits but it is a wonderful thing!

My husband told me that I should call you and thank you for giving us back the joy of eating.

I really appreciate all the knowledge you are so willing to share with all of us.

I can't thank you enough!!!!!"

In the end, all I can say is, it's not me--what made the changes possible was recovering the Wisdom of the Grandmothers . . .
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