Monday, April 25, 2011

A Day's Meals. With Pictures.

I survived Easter.  But....

I have a confession: I had a honey lollipop (which I made from honey. And lollipop sticks). Well I didn't eat it, I used it to stir my ginger tea. And I think it was about the same amount of honey I would have used anyway--it lasted for a few cups of tea--but I still feel guilty because it was "candy". It made me feel part of the festivities though, and kept me from thinking about truffles. Because chocolate is my downfall. I adore any dark chocolate. Even unsweetened. So I think that the honey-in-the-form-of-a-lollipop was a pretty good compromise.

For a smart brain, my mind is easily manipulated. Just sayin'. But it's good to know.

Anyway, what I wanted to share today is my day in meals. Because people ask "what do you eat for breakfast?" and "don't you get tired of soup?" and other things along those lines. I actually got told last night that my dinner (which was part of their dinner, a part they liked very much) wasn't as good as theirs. Sigh. It was wonderful, a rich geoduck chowder garnished with avocado, full of flavor and color and texture.

So this is my day, with notes. Be aware that I am on Stage 3, though I am not yet eating ghee or nut butters (this week, slowly, I will add them).

Breakfast: (preceded by lemon water) (left to right)

2 soft boiled pastured eggs
Leftover chicken stew with mushrooms
In the mug: ginger tea with lemon and honey (I am trying to ward off the resident sore throat/respiratory yuck)

Pancake (mashed cauliflower and egg, fried in meat drippings)
Toppings: avocado and sauerkraut
Gravlax (fermented salmon, tastes sort of like lox, but fresher!)
More ginger tea, throughout the day

Chicken Soup. And what wonderful chicken soup it was! Made with a stewing hen (an older, more exercised, bird is too tough to roast, but makes the best soup-- it's full of connective tissue and yellow fat--and flavor!), I broke the whole carcass into large pieces after it cooked, not bothering to separate the bones out, so I could gnaw on them later. I added carrots, a huge leek, kale raab and lots of fresh parsley, in addition to sea salt and pepper. I had some sauerkraut after I had two bowls of soup.

I am not sure there is a typical day for me, as far as meals go. Before this round of Intro, I was accustomed to eating four fried eggs with leftover salad or other vegetables, and tea, for breakfast. Lunch was leftovers (or a LaraBar, if out and about without food). Dinner was/is a sit down family meal with some meat dish and vegetables and/or salad. Somehow potatoes and corn tortillas had crept into our meals, once or twice a week. I made an effort to have a ferment at dinner, and usually had some with my breakfast.

Now, I don't really know what meals will look like. I have a renewed commitment to incorporating ferments, reducing nuts and sweets like dates. And chocolate. And starches. Intro has reminded me how much flavor and satisfaction come from simple foods, well-prepared. I see no reason not to continue eating this way, even when more foods are incorporated. 

It all tastes so good, is improving my health, and it's pretty easy to prepare. What's not to like? I hope the photos inspire, because I think the food is as lovely to look at as it was to eat...

Do you want more food photos and recipes? And I'd love to hear about your food...



Magda said...

To answer your question: YES, absolutely post more pictures of food and list what you eat. It helps sooo much. I love your pancake idea - you could do so much with that! And it's intro-friendly.
This week I'm doing my standbyes for breakfast: eggs with sausage, pancakes or hot dogs. I have crockpotted a chicken so I'm having that throughout the week (cold with guac, made into chicken salad, etc.) with the drippings/fat mixed into my daily broth. Evenings I'm having a version of what my family is having: this week it's beef stew, Chinese and tomato soup/grilled cheese. My versions will be properly adjusted for full GAPS. I'm trying to eat more intro-type foods as I'll be doing intro in a little over a month. I'm rediscovering soups and thinking up ideas for the intro. Love your blog!

Debbie said...

Love, love, love your food photos!
I am transitioning from 6 weeks on SCD/GAPs to GAPS intro...tomorrow.
Your blog encourages me that I can have healthy, tasty, AND beautfiful meals for myself and family.
Thank-you for the time you take to write and photograph such a lovely and inspiring blog!

Justine Raphael said...

Magda and Debbie--

Thanks so much for the feedback! I hope it continues to help. And it sounds like you are both well-positioned to begin Intro, which is a good way to do it, so you won't get overwhelmed early on.


Mia said...

YUMMY!!!!! Please post more, I always need ideas!

I have plain broth with coconut oil and salt for breakfast (beef, lamb, chicken, or turkey), broth with leftovers or lunch meat and veggies and sourkraut and cultured cream for lunch, and whatever the family has for dinner, which is meat with veggies and ferments. And sometimes I have a little fruit and yogurt AND IT IS THE BEST TASTING FRUIT EVER!!!!! (Just saying ;-) )

Do you have recommendations for period-related chocolate cravings? I start tearing up whenever I think of chocolate and I know I'd feel sick if I ate it, but my hormones are relentless. :-(

Glad to hear you had a lovely Easter! Thank you for this drool-worthy post!

Justine Raphael said...

Hey Mia,
It sounds like you are doing great on GAPS! Those chocolate cravings usually mean magnesium deficiency,which Dr. Natasha covers in her FAQs

Can you tolerate cocoa? Dr. Natasha says it's ok when more advanced in the diet. You can mix it with butter or coconut oil or almond butter (or a mixture) with a bit of honey for those cravings. Or use dates mashed up in it. If you roll it into balls and keep it in the freezer (or put it in a jar and use a spoon) you'll have your emergency snack on hand. Just go easy on it...

Good luck!

Karen Feldner said...

Thanks, that was awesome. I want to know so much more about fermented salmon and try it. Also love the pancake idea! Would love recipe. Also, at the end you wrote, "And chocolate." (hmm, does that mean you need to reduce chocolate or will be adding it in after intro?) Also, stop beating yourself up!!! A honey stick/lolipop is fine. Be mindful when you eat it and REALLY enjoy it.

Justine Raphael said...

Thanks Karen!

Not beating myself up, but mindful of the fact that I really want to do Intro as written this time. So it's about self respect, self care.

The gravlax recipe is from Nourishing Traditions, but I use a bit of honey instead of any sugar/Rapadura, whatever.

The pancake was literally leftover mashed cauliflower (about 1/2 cup, with fat in it) and one egg, mixed and fried in a hot cast-iron pan with meat fat (drippings).

I am sure I will eat chocolate at some point, but want to be more selective about how often and only eat the best high cocoa content chocolate when I do.


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