Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Golden Day

Thanks so much for the kind comments, on and off the blog!

I had a fabulous day in the sun, on the Tribal Edge land. I gathered wild greens, cooked a wonderful lunch and watched the kids revel in the day. Not much more to say than that!

The sun on Jimmy-Come-Lately Creek, on the Tribal Edge Land in Blyn

Lunch was omelets filled with sauteed onions and nettles. On the side: sauteed mixed greens with a bit of bacon (dandelion, baby dock leaves, chickweed), cumin/lemon sauerkraut, fermented salmon, avocado. We also sipped an infusion of lemon balm and nettles. Really, could a lunch be more amazing? Eaten in the sun and the breeze, with friends and birds and butterflies....

I added roast meat today, in the form of chicken. Another fabulous meal! GAPS is no restriction, just an excuse to try new foods... We had sugar snap peas with bacon fat (the good stuff, without junk in it, of course) and a vegetable dish of yellow squash, tomato, morels, leeks--so very yummy!

Today I feel great, despite my dentist saying the appliance hadn't caused my migraine. Back to the hormone theory, which is probably the "horse" in this situation. I am getting good training in being flexible, in leaving dogma behind. It really doesn't matter too much what caused it, because they are now fewer, easier to treat, and I think that they will go after menopause, from listening to others' experiences.

And now, off for a much needed evening with The Captain. I hope your evening/day is full of love, sunlight and laughter!


Gary said...

Hi, Justine:

Great articles!!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences!!!

How do you ferment your salmon? Anything you can tell me about specific techniques, materials, time periods, etc. would be interesting.

Have an enjoyable day,


Justine Raphael said...

Hi Gary,

So glad you are enjoying the writing...

I use Sally Fallon's recipes for gravlax or for brined salmon, both in Nourishing Traditions. The gravlax is a lot like lox in texture, and the brined salmon is more like ceviche. Both are yummy, and I use honey where she calls for Rapadura or other sweetener. I am also a bit more lax with fermenting times, but it is still cool here, so it does take longer. I did not skin the salmon for the brined batch.

I hope that helps! If you need me to be more specific, let me know.


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