Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just a Quick Post...

A full day, but mostly I did laundry--a huge task when you are hauling 5 (now 6) people's clothes and a household full of linens up to the car in a dock cart, which makes me look like a tinker with a hand cart making my way up the ramp.

Four huge washers full, and three hours later, after errands and ferrying kids, I rushed home to make a late-ish dinner from the whole salmon I had thawed really because it was hogging so much room in the freezer. I wish I had taken pictures, but it's always like that when you are in a hurry, no?

The salmon, with tail but minus the head, was about 6-8 pounds worth, way too much for our dinner, so I cut it basically in half, baking the tail end stuffed with herbs, and turned the center portion into gravlax.  I made a salad and some snow peas with browned ghee (a happy accident) and we had an elegant meal.

And now, I am so tired. I am off to bed, as the birthday tomorrow will demand much from us. Much love from the drizzly Northwest...


Jennifer N. said...

Thanks for the gravlox reminder! I'm making my first batch of raw milk yogurt (sometime in the next couple of days) so will have whey for the salmon. It's a perfect time of year to have fresh gravlox in the house! Your post is also another 'gently reminder' to get another batch of ghee going. Off to the kitchen now before I get sidetracked again. Enjoy the birthday celebrations!

Alyss said...

I keep meaning to try to make gravlax. It's salmon season again here in the Northwest, so maybe this year is the year! My dad recently ended up with a bunch of brown ghee, too. He's been sauteeing chicken breasts and pork chops in it :)

Justine Raphael said...

Jennifer and Alyss--yes, do make gravlax! It's so easy, really. I don't always use whey, and I often leave out the honey too (I don't really like it sweet, though it is traditionally sweetened slightly). I used all of the browned ghee--it was very tasty!

Thank you both for being here...

Nan McClain said...

Hi Justine!

Oh reading your blog has really been fun...and it's made me miss you and your wonderful perspective of so many things! I miss your whole amazing family. I like the nicknames you have given them. My life has been taken over by mosaic art projects and I'm having a blast with it! My partner Janet and I have 3 projects going on now with three different schools, so I've been too busy to comment until now. Keep up the great posts, and enjoy your fantastic food adventures! They never end with you!
We're still hooked on raw milk, cheese, butter here despite the big E coli scare in Europe recently. My German friend who also buys her milk at the farm called me frantically yesterday and told me she is now boiling her raw milk since E coli is linked to raw milk. In the same breath she said that they seem to have traced the outbreak to Spanish cucumbers! I was incredulous. So the source is in Spanish cucumbers...Are you afraid that the farmers at our local dairy farm are eating these cucumbers at the same time while milking the cows???? It's amazing how hysteria can warp our minds! I thanked her for telling me, got on my bike and cycled to the farm for my weekly 5 liters!

Thanks again for your blog, Justine! I wish I had more time to comment!

Big hugs to your entire gorgeous family,


Justine Raphael said...

It's always wonderful to hear about your adventures in the Netherlands--and fascinating that the fearmongering reaches across the oceans...I am so happy to hear that you are not buying into the generalized anxiety!

Keep sharing with us! I love hearing about your food, your mosaics, your travels.

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