Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Breakfast is Local and Yummy!

Three fried eggs on a bed of sauteed red dandelions, purple spring onions, wildcrafted glasswort, all from within 15 miles of here (thank you Joy for the bag of glasswort from your forays to the beach!). Delicious and Nourishing . . .


My friend Nan asked:

"I've never hear of glasswort...sounds,,,crunchy. How does it taste, Justine?"

Good question(s?) which I really ought to have answered in the post, but I was rushing because we were getting ready to drive to Seattle to pick up Abigail Rosalyn!

Glasswort is a lot like sea purslane: a bit crunchy and salty--think of a cross between cucumber and olives. Glasswort is smaller "leaved" than sea purslane, in fact it almost looks like horsetail, with it's jointed stems.

The name comes from the historical fact that it was used in glass production by reducing it to an alkaline ash (which is used somehow in the glass making but that part I don't know about, so look here for info and a photo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glasswort)


sharon said...

Hi Justine,
I really like your blog(s). Like you, I piece together info for a more complete picture of food and health. I have healed myself from many ailments using traditional cooking methods, WAP style. I now teach class to others in East Mass. I also had an article published in Wise Traditions, summer issue, about gluten free bread.
If you have a moment some time, check out my blogs, intestinalrecovery.blogspot.com and sophisticatedpeasant.blogspot.com

Justine Raphael said...

Thanks for stopping by! I checked out your blogs--so nice to have others talking about these issues . . . people really need the guidance and education!

Mama between the lines is said...

NICE! Sounds so yummy!

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