Monday, January 5, 2009

Please Save Y/our Food! Please!

I try not to post rants and too many entreaties to sign this and that, but please, this is important.  Tom Vilsack is a huge sellout choice for Secretary of Agriculture, and the opposite of what Obama seemed to be suggesting he would do.  This man is evidently a "mouthpiece for Monsanto" (see this commentary: <>) and other agribusiness enterprises, exactly the opposite direction we need to be headed.

So sign the petition to block his appointment.  Please.

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Mango Power Girl said...

that really sucks...thanks for posting this!

Justine said...

Cristina said (in an email):

Hi Justine,
Thanks for all the emails. I signed it and forwarded to several people. Is the political machine just too big to implement change? Or is it politics as usual regardless of who's at the helm? I hope neither. We'll see. Keep them coming.

Justine said...

Hi Christina-

Thanks for getting involved! I am not sure, though the cynic in me thinks "politics as usual". As you say, we'll see.

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