Friday, January 9, 2009

“My lads don’t like to kill an animal if it’s not going to be eaten”

After a discussion with some friends the other day about not wasting fresh road kill (some areas have a formal notification list for interested recipients, or donate the fresh meat to a food bank), comes this article, sent to me by my ever vigilant husband, @ddrummer

Though this is not about road kill, it is about using what we have, and about broadening our very narrow tastes at the same time.  C'mon, how many of you blanch at the idea of eating insects?  I know I do, even though my brain tells me they are a ubiquitous source of nutrient dense food in these times of scarcity. 

So who's up for trying some squirrel?

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Jeremiah D. said...

It's funny you should mention eating squirrel, my wife and I were just up in Georgia for thanksgiving. While we were visiting my father killed a squirrel that had taken up residence in the roof of the cabin. Needless to say after cleaning it and bringing it home it tasted quite good and I would for sure eat it again. The only reason I even gave eating it a second thought is I felt bad that it would go to waste.

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