Friday, December 19, 2008

Question: What was deemed dangerous? The mom of ten or the food she was providing to her community? Or maybe her husband serving in Irag?

Follow up article on the Ohio SWAT team raid on the Stowers family, who were running a local food coop.  There is a video describing what happenend.

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Anonymous said...

Check out

Justine said...

And? I am sort of confused--as you seem to be defending animal rights activists in your work. I do see some relationship, but am not sure if my perception is what you are getting at.

FWIW, the title of the post was more of a rhetorical question. I get why they were persecuted, but was trying to point out how harmless they are in my eyes. And that her husband is serving the country that is persecuting them.

But they are not activists in the classic sense. Their actions in serving their community are a kind of activism, but they are not protestors in a public forum. In that way, they are different from the eco and animal rights activists.

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