Sunday, November 23, 2008

Self-fulfilling Prophesy

I try not to rant (at least not publicly), but after I read this article today I was pretty upset. It's not terribly long, so I won't go into much detail--read it for yourself. It seems that we have known for quite a while that mammograms are not only not helpful, they may even cause the cancer they purport to detect??!! I know this is not new news for some of us, but this is the first comprehensive article I have read. I know plenty of people that would not question their doctor's demand for such an invasive test. And the magazines still push this type of "prevention"--guess who the advertisers are?

I don't have much more to say than what is the the very clear article. Just pass it on to your moms, sisters, your best friends . . . they might not know yet.


Justine said...

From Jarene:
I don't know what to say. The more I learn the more clear it becomes that the medical establishment can not be trusted in any way and that it is trying to kill us. Slowly, painfully.... I shudder to think of the amount of radiation I've had in my life. I was part of a scoliosis study from age 10-13 or so. I remember so clearly, they'd give me a tiny triangle to hold in front of my uterus when I was x-rayed. I remember thinking "what about the rest of me?" Parents have such a heavy responsibility, we only want what's best for our children but how to know, until 30 years have passed... Thanks for sharing this. I just had my pap yesterday and the doc was pressing the mammogram...... save us!! j

Justine said...

From Susan:

have been reading about this for a while. suggest (you) Google breast thermography-- is suggested as a better alternative. this exam will show activity in the breast that will correlate to hot spots that show increased cell activity i.e. cancer cells dividing, this can show areas years before tumor is noted, google dr. jim mercola to get link. I am taking supplemental vit D3 plus trying to get 10 t0m 15 min sun exposure 3to 4 times a week since studies suggest this helps in prevention of breast, colon, prostate and even MS. susan

She added:
Justine, I googled breast thermography florida. there is a center in Ft. Lauderdale it has great info and demonstrates how it works. This a FDA approved diagnostic test, some health ins covers it. Cost I believe is about $125.00. I hope this helps and you can certainly share this info

(edited ever so slightly for clarity)

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