Monday, December 10, 2007


We just received our first regular delivery of farm foods yesterday. After months of organizing and much work from Steve, and with some help from others, it was absolutely heartening to see everyone's enthusiasm and support flowing as freely as the pet milk! (By the way, my kitty just adores this milk. Spoiled Rotten, I'd say!) Thanks to all of the early comers who helped unload the truck. Thanks to Sarah for your help in getting the Joash milk. And thanks to all of the farmers who are supplying us with such incredible REAL food! The milk fairly flew out of the coolers, including the extra that Steve was able to bring.

We are all so fortunate, considering how far one has to go in this big state to get this "local" food, that Steve is willing to bring it here for us. He drove to several different farms on Saturday, ending up in the Panhandle at 2am to get the Joash milk. Then he made it here around 1pm on Sunday, after picking up his mom, Josephine (I love seeing her every trip. She makes the kombucha--come try some!). This is a labor of love, and Miami thanks you!

I sealed my fate as a bad (or maybe just very tacky) Jewish Mama by serving my family pastured pork blade steaks from Full Circle Farm for dinner. Thanks to Dennis and his yummy meat, I only had to add a bit of garlic and rosemary (from my friend DeAnna in the Redlands) before they hit the grill. I added a salad from Bee Heaven greens. Are we lucky or what?

At our house we celebrated the conjunction of Hannukah and the arrival of the milk with a chocolate tasting. I had found the incredible Vosges chocolates which we paired with rich milk, also from Dennis (Meow!) Some of the flavors: sea salt/almond, pasilla chili/cinnamon, cardamom/walnut/dried plum, chicory coffee/cocoa nibs, bacon/sea salt . . . Yes, BACON. And wow was that interesting! Not kosher--so sue me--but very cool!

So we are on our way. We are now able to access real food, sourced locally. Most of the food we get is either produced in Florida or sold by small local businesses, like Delicious Organics, that put a lot of care and thought into what they bring from other places (someone has called this shopping "LoCo"). Come join this movement. We sure are eating well!

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Liz said...

Hi Justine! I'm trying to do some LoCoMotion myself up in the St. Petersburg/Tampa area. Do you have contact info for the Joash farm? I'm having a hard time finding resources around my area.

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